Cycles Token

A cycles token by Dank that allows users & developers to hold cycles and develop with them with just a Principal ID. No need for a Cycles Wallet.


Copied Cycles Token (XTC) ID

Principal ID’s can't hold cycles, but XTC solves that.

Meet XTC, a cycles token that wraps cycles to allow users & developers to hold and use them with just a Principal ID, eliminating the need for multiple unique identifiers & the need for cycles wallets.

Copied Cycles Token (XTC) ID

XTC enables new seamless & supercharged cycles experiences.

1 XTC = 1 Trillion cycles, backed 1-1 with cycles locked in the canister. XTC has the same development features as Cycle Wallets, but better suited for seamless developer/user experiences.

IC app onboarding

Seamless Cycle Access

Users can hold cycles with just a Principal-ID.
cycle transactions

Simpler Cycles

Send and receive XTC to Principal IDs, or Canisters.
gear icon

Streamlined IC Development

Build & manage canisters with XTC using proxy calls.
no cycle wallet

No Cycle Wallets Needed

No need for separate Cycles Wallet IDs to hold cycles.

Built on the Internet Computer, for the Internet Computer.

XTC and its services are universally accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.



XTC's services are fully canister-based, open source, without any external control.


XTC is accessible across the entire globe. No matter where you are, you can access it.


You don’t need permission to use XTC. Any user on the IC can do it!
community owned

Community Owned

When the Service Network Systems is live, XTC will be made community controlled.

Powering a growing XTC app ecosystem.

Meet the first applications using the Cycles Token to give users & developers seamless cycles development and onboarding experiences.